Important Chapters ICSE Mathematics 2019 Exam||Chapter Analysis

In this video i have discuused Important Chapters of ICSE Mathematics 2019 Exam.I have made an analysis on what topics weightage of chapters is given and how to score good marks in icse maths. here are some tips and smart study and last minute suggestion topics questions and chapters of maths icse 2019 board exam.

reflection chapter-

distance and section –




  1. Ansh Sharma says

    What about circles

  2. Ansh Sharma says

    Solving simple problems make video

  3. Supria Sapra says

    Sir similarity of triangles
    Is that not imp.
    Can it be left

  4. Nagendra Prasad says

    Waste of time you have mentioned all chapters

  5. Aashish Kumar says

    Plzz give me link of coordinate geometrry

  6. vilas hajare says

    Where is the link sir ??

  7. amanuiel grmay says

    Thank u so much sir

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