Hello, sisters and brothers Namaskar.

Welcome to my channel YOGAM K’SO YOGA from my bottom of heart. Hope everyone are healthy and happy with family members.

In this channel you will get knowledge of yoga on practical and theory.

Today in physical part we make NAUKA SANCHALANSANA AND SETU BANDA VYAYAMA good exercise for constipation relief and Gynaecology disorder.
I already told in video how to practice with proper breathing pattern. We also mention benefits of this VYAYAMA.

Even than let’s know the breathing pattern and benefit of vyayama.

Benefit: It is especially useful for Gynaecology disorder and postanal recovery. Release the energy blockage pelvic and abdomen. It is also good for remove constipation. EMPROVE FLEXIBILITY OF SPINAL CORD.

BREATHING: INHALE while leaning back.
EXHALE while bending forward. ( NAUKA Sanchalansana)
INHALE while stretch up .
EXHALE while go down. ( SETU BANDA)

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Have great day ahead and take care see you in next video.

Thank you jaihind,

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