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Apache RTR 160 4V ABS Review Top Speed Braking Test MotoVlog #Bikes@Dinos


My First Ride Review of TVS Apache RTR 160 4V ABS including me trying a top speed run, my standard braking test, and sharing all the relevant info that you …

यह सभी वीडियो ऑटो पब्लिश है वेबसाइट का उद्देश्य सिर्फ वीडियो प्रमोशन का है सभी कॉपीराइट यूट्यूब यूजर के है


    Bro any vibration in high speed everybody complaining about it

  2. RKG RAI says

    This oil cooled machine which helps you to drive in long tours. Yamaha fzs is air cool tht makes you to stop in every 50 kms. So go for TVS 160 RTR though single abs but quite peppy machine.

  3. Rajdip Sarkar says

    Ap jab abs use Karke bike ko break laga rehe Ho kya tab only front break use kar rehe ho Ya front + rear. Please reply…

  4. Gobinath Bakaran says

    Dino…..can u help me with the confusion of picking 200 or 160 4v???mileage is my concern…..is there major difference in mileage bw these two??

  5. aquib ahmed says

    Is that starting self problem is common?

  6. Nitin Pereira says

    Apache users complained about back pain after a year of their use of the bike, has TVS rectified this problem in this new version of Apaches?

  7. SOCCER Skill says

    I like this type of review

  8. Tejas Panvalkar says

    Boss rear brek pe picheka taire skitt hota he aesa kyo

  9. Sonu Kumar Roy says

    Apache 160 4 v, & pulser 180 f me kiska top speed jyada hai

  10. Sohail Shaikh says

    Can u please tell exact mileage Of This Bike And Is there any vibration above 100+?

  11. Shaik Dawood says

    Carbon edition India varuma

  12. Bird Police says

    Can 5'8 foot rider place both legs on ground while sitting on this bike?

  13. Suman Sen says

    sir does it have RLP??? on abs version ???

  14. Guitarist K.B says

    How to prevent Stoppie while riding this bike?? Am a daily commuter ride 100kms+ daily

  15. RiTs Hiraskar says

    Nice review,

  16. ERaaavanan Nalin says

    Breathe out… Breathe in…😤😤😤

  17. Jay's mail says

    I hit 125 Kmh..

  18. Rahul Gangwar says

    Hindi bhi bol liya kar ya angrejo ki aulad h bhosdi ke india me hi lenge ye bike na tere angrej lene wale h

  19. Akshay Kanal says

    Going to book apche 160 4v abs this week. Any 160 owner present here can you give your opinions about bike.? Like mileage, performance, spare parts price etc.

  20. ali arshad says

    Can anyone help me , I have an issue with my Apache 160 4v , I have bought it one month ago , recently did it's first service 500 Km done , but I am not able to achieve 80 or above speed , Please Dino sir , can you help me.

  21. Bharath VR says

    Bro I need to buy it, can you please tell me about millage ???

  22. TechRavan by Aravind M Nair says

    Rtr 160 4v or fz v3 ?? One quick answer with 1 quick reason to justify.

  23. Prithwiraj Basu says

    Is the headlight of this bike very useful at night? Or need to put any extra light for touring???

  24. Ravindra Sawant says

    Dino review on 200s Hero Best bike in India

  25. sree harsha chandika says

    Do a vedio on tyre pressure please!

  26. Subhadeep Kolay says

    Dino sir..please reply…. What is better ?? 160 4v. Carb version or. Fi. Version!!!

  27. Smart Venkatesh says

    Good point out on kick start…. because im a fz fan boy, because of its handling and comfort, but few of my friends struggling with no kick start fz FI engine, its really helpless when the battery drains off,so im planning to buy 160 4v instead of fz v3….but how is the handling and comfort, when we compare it with fz v3….because the bike looks lengthier

  28. subbu baskar says

    Dino please help me I am very confused with fi and carburettor variant.
    Which one to buy???
    Which one is more enjoyable to ride???

  29. fawzan says

    Is it good for long ride along 500km above??

  30. Samrat bhai says

    Apache rtr 160 4v is best best best….

  31. Amit Nambiar says

    I'm buying this. Thanks Dino.

  32. PhantomSAP says

    Does the bike have rlp?

  33. Agent 0420 says

    I'm here coz i want to know the thoughts from the people itself where this bike came from….tvs is now in my country (philippines) wanted to have one😊


    I dont like apache 160 4v before , but after seeing over 70 + youtube vedios and test drived about 10 times in 10 showrooms in my town ,

    I was really attracted by apache rtr 160 4v , its so good and positive reviews from every user i asked and met …!

    Awesome bike 🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍👌👌👌👌👌😎😎😎😎😎😎🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  35. MAHESH MAITY says


  36. Rudraksh Shiralkar says

    Loved your video man 👍

  37. Saptarshi Mozumdar says

    I wish the front tyres were atleast 100 or 110 for the front

  38. suresh choudhary says

    Bhai 123km/h to meri Honda shine hi pahunch jati hai 124.71CC.

  39. ANUJ KUMAR says

    Sir air cooling hai kyq

  40. DilipAchar Vishwakarma says

    SR I purchased new bike so u tl me SR which one she better to buy 1.Yamaha fz V3 2.Tvs appache RTR 160 4v. 3.Bajaj Ns160 Which bike s great one tl me sr

  41. azse bekal says

    Only disappointment is it's colour variance , it's not new…

  42. Gunabanta Sahu says

    Does this bike has RLP (Rear wheel lift off operation)???

  43. BPG autoride says

    My chanal '' BPG autoride '' please check…

  44. Sonali Jadhav says

    Ye new Apache hai Kya jisme abs b hai?
    Bcoz old me abs ni hai Jo before 8-9 months launch Hui thi…pls reply

  45. Killbill Devil says

    Lol making us fool apache 160 4v me abs nahi ayya 😂😂😂😂🙏

  46. Rudra Behera says

    Iska matte red colour kab ayega???????

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