Why priyanka will Leave Bollywood After marriage

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  1. favoured G says

    Congratulations and long life to you both.

  2. Joelia Prakasa says

    Better you leave…. You're not so fabulous or good

  3. ragini sri says

    God bless you dear priyanka and family

  4. p mane says


  5. Tenzing Sherpa says

    Who said she will leave, my PC is making her own movie and do more in India because she love her country. She wants a legacy 👍

  6. Andy Lee says


  7. rising Demon says

    My love for PC is forever 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇just do what is best for you 👌👌✌✌👍👍👍👍

  8. ash sg says

    Be serious ur husband PC congrats

  9. Yunita Satya Pratiwi says

    Good woman

  10. sudesh kumari says

    I know this because Nick Jonas was live in other countries so Priyanka live with Nick Jonas not in India


  11. sudesh kumari says

    I know this because Nick Jonas was live in other countries so Priyanka live with Nick Jonas not in India


  12. Mamta Rathod says

    Now no hungry of money every thing has got in life. Will give importance to married life 🤗

  13. pavan kumar says

    Same video is made by Deepika and Ranveer..the difference is names are replaced as ..Ranveer Singh by nick, Deepika by Priyanka, rabhir kapoor by sharukh

  14. Zօɛ Daʍɨɛռ says

    Nooooo peeeceeee babes dont ever leave us plllliiiiiiiiiiiiz😭😢😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔we will be heart broken if we dont see u anymore on the big screen sweety.God bless yr married life n filmy life to be always in perfect balance n mk yr name bigger everyday 😘😘😘love u peecee pliz dont leave us pliiiiiiiiz.

  15. Baphila Kurbah says

    This is a very top n good decision for all women's.congragulation nickpriyanka

  16. Sarbjit Kaur says

    I don't blame her Bollywood is uncomfortable I wanted to be in dancing in films l saw what going on changed my mind

  17. Bollywood fan says

    Deepika and peecee are leaving
    Bollywoods most needed actoresses

  18. María Rosa Prats says

    How is that, " extreme family valius", don't understand. All the press has said that she is a marriage breacker. Entonces? Esos no son valores familiares. No la critico a ella, uds. deben ser más congruentes en sus comentarios, o simplemente no detracten a nadie. This is just and observation.

  19. GAMING KING says

    1 st view 1st comment 1st like

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