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जेमी फॉक्स लाइव टीवी पर flubs; प्रफुल्लित करने वाला वसूली करता है | डेली पॉप | ई! समाचार


सिटकॉम के लिए एबीसी श्रद्धांजलि और “Jeffersons” “परिवार के सभी” A- सूची अभिनेताओं से एक जीवित प्रदर्शन शामिल थे। अब मजाकिया पल देखें! #JamieFoxx …

यह सभी वीडियो ऑटो पब्लिश है वेबसाइट का उद्देश्य सिर्फ वीडियो प्रमोशन का है सभी कॉपीराइट यूट्यूब यूजर के है

  1. Dialysis Technicians USA says


  2. Brittany Krystine3 says

    That's part was hilarious

  3. Stacy Samms says

    l loved the jeffersons. kerri Washington was great. and I cried when marla gibbs entered.

  4. Scott Cornelius says

    A real actor would have stayed in character and recovered by ad-libbing. His 'recovery' was something for a Saturday Night Live skit.

  5. Kurtis Lawler says

    I've loved him from his days on In Living Color. He is one of the most talented actors, comedians and writers I know. Definitely can perform on the fly.

  6. __ says

    Yeah not even a peep on how ground breaking this series was and how we need to learn this again as a society. To be able to laugh at each other. No, what the main stream media wants is division and divisiveness.

  7. Chicago Critic Gerald says

    Jamie Foxx is no Sherman Hemsley!

  8. Chicago Critic Gerald says

    They were not as funny as the originals!

  9. jenny misteqq says

    What’s wrong with that gals hair and her Micheal Jacksonesque blouse?

  10. Lord Canti says

    Wouldn’t a better save have been to not break the fourth wall and stay in character and make a joke

  11. winger j says


  12. JBIRD NELSON says

    A good comedian always knows how to improvise.

  13. B Sly says

    Talk about this…if you dare.


  14. Guillermo Rodriguez says

    Totally awesome I loved it.

  15. نازي YT says

    I love jamie 🇮🇶

  16. Jess Kinzel says

    He's great!!

  17. Gregory Jolley says

    Lol. Incredibly funny

  18. Tia Mayfield says

    Everyone Did A Excellent Job 💞😉 👏!!!

  19. TOI JONES says

    That’s awesome 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I love Jamie!

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