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Angamardana Introduction –

Angamardana a short film –

Surya Kriya –

Yogasanas –

Sadhguru on Hinduism –

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  1. Indra Kiran Reddy G says

    copied video from desi yogi

  2. GraVyin Grace says

    Namaskaram.. thank you for uploading this ❤️

  3. deepak shukla says

    well its not yoga its yog originally

  4. Eastern Wisdom says

    "A rat race is for rats. As a human being, you can consciously create what you want, without being driven by social compulsions." – Sadhguru

  5. Vikas Arsid says

    Nice video bro👍

  6. biplob mondal says

    Super super super……1000000000
    Thank you very much

  7. james connon says

    Desi yogi's video

  8. Karan Chaudhary says

    Very good content bro..such video are required now a days to understand people in better way..Good job

  9. Neha Sharma says


  10. Sumana Ghosal says


  11. Crossing Samsara says

    I will take deep breaths after 55+. How ridiculous and insane could that be.

  12. SADHGURU's advocate says


  13. leonardo maurya says

    All western people especially American destroying yoga for their own benefit

  14. तेजस नाईक says

    I was waiting for such kind of video ….Very very Thanks….

  15. Anurag Singh says

    Nice work bro keep on.

  16. Dhananjay Mudgule says

    Very nice

  17. Abhishek Bhardwaj says

    Great video👏👏👏

  18. Shruti Nair says

    Such a blessing these videos when you want explain about yoga but don't find the words.Thank you Anna 🙏

  19. akash gurudasani says

    Keep it up

  20. akash gurudasani says

    Nice work👍👍

  21. lokusky nongmaicha says


  22. Dheeraj P B says

    Link to find a good Yoga teacher nearby is missing in the description. Can you please add it?

  23. Saurabh Bisht says

    A very good content sir , so many things I have learned from this video thank you sir and namaste

  24. devdas Devdas says

    Yoga is now money making scheme wear fancy lycra clothes sell them make money hot yoga cold yoga what nonsense any age is good practice makes perfect it’s never too late

  25. Avinash says

    Awesome editing bro.!!

  26. lord shiva's fav says

    The perfect tips for the good lyf!!🔯☮🔯☮

  27. Mohini Chaturvedi says


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