(Hindi) How To Buy A 2nd HAND Smartphone, Safely | Advanced Tricks To Check !

Buying a 2nd (Second) Hand smartphone is an easy work. But if you buy a #2ndHand smartphone carelessly, that means you have not any type of experience to buy a 2nd Hand #Smartphone. How to buy a 2nd Hand smartphone with full security ? This video will help you to buy a 2nd Hand used smartphone from online/offline. It does not matter, where are you buying a 2nd Hand smartphone. It does matter, where are you spending your money to buy a 2nd Hand smartphone. Is the way is genuine or not !

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(How To Buy A 2nd HAND Smartphone, Safely | Advanced Tricks To Check !)
We have covered :
00:31 How To Check A Smartphone’s Display Correctly
01:01 No.1, Trick To Check A Smartphone’s Display Correctly
01:15 No.2, Trick To Check A Smartphone’s Display Correctly
01:40 How To Check White Spots Under Smartphone’s Display
02:03 Don’t Forget To Check : Audio Jack, Charging Port, Speaker & Microphone
02:37 Check The Smartphone’s IMEI No. Before Buying

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