Now good engine and luxury car is in your budget, buy SUV with sunroof for just Rs 8 lakh

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Kia Sonet: Kia India company’s vehicles have maximum features and their maintenance cost is also less. Last month, more than 8,000 units of the company’s Kia Sonet SUV were sold. Now 2 new trims of this vehicle have been launched.

Kia Sonet: New features of these 2 new trims

  • HTE (O) variant is priced at Rs 8.19 lakh
  • HTK (O) variant is priced at Rs 9.25 lakh
  • Sunroof and sunglasses holder
  • connected led light
  • Auto AC and Rear Defogger

The company has launched the HTE (O) variant at Rs 8.19 lakh and the HTK (O) variant at Rs 9.25 lakh.Now you will get features like sunroof and sunglasses holder in the first variant and second variant, along with sunroof, it will get features like connected LED light, auto AC and rear defogger.

Sunroof good option in budget:

  • Sunroof in entry level trim
  • Sonet sales may increase
  • Sunroof and auto AC in budget

Now the company has started providing sunroof in the entry level trim of this vehicle. Due to which we may see an increase in the sales of this vehicle as compared to before. For those who are planning to buy a car with sunroof in a budget, this car will be a good option because the car will have many great features

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