Bsnl Cheapest Plan: Get 70 days of validity, high-speed data and free calling for just Rs 197

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Bsnl Cheapest Recharge Plan: If you are a BSNL user and you are looking for the cheapest plan for yourself, So this news can be helpful for you. The government telecom company BSNL will provide many recharge plans at the lowest budget.

Today we are here to tell you about one such plan, whose price is only Rs 108. In this plan, BSNL offers unlimited calling, high-speed data, and many more amazing benefits.

BSNL Rs 99 Plan Benefits

The BSNL Rs 99 Plan comes with 18 days of validity. Internet data is not available for this plan. On the other hand, BSL Company provides unlimited calling facility on all networks.

This plan can prove to be good for those who need only calling facilities. Please note that SMS facilities are also not available with this plan.

BSNL Rs. 108 Plan Benefits

In the BSNL Rs 108 recharge plan, customers get a total 28 days of validity. Apart from this, you also get the facilities of daily data and unlimited calling. Jio, Airtel, and Vi companies are not able to offer benefits like daily data at this price.

The BSNL Rs 108 Plan provides unlimited calling facilities in any network. In the plan, users get 1 GB of daily data to use the internet. You can use 1 GB of high-speed data every day.

BSNL Rs. 197 Plan Benefits

The BSNL Rs 197 Plan comes with a 70-day validity. In this plan, the company is providing unlimited local and STD calling facilities for 15 days. Along with this, BSNL Company’s daily 2GB of high-speed data is also being offered. The daily data speed reduces to 40 kbps.

a part of this 100 SMS are also being provided in this plan for only 15 days. The BSNL Rs 197 plan can prove to be good for those who need the cheapest plan to keep their SIM card active. you can also check the website fore the cheapest plan.

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