TVS Apache RTR 160 A Revamped Look with Enhanced Mileage and Features

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If you’re a fan of TVS Apache bikes, get ready for some thrilling news! TVS has introduced the new and improved Apache RTR 160, promising an enhanced riding experience with upgraded features and impressive mileage.

Gone are the days of worrying about frequent fuel stops, as this revamped model offers a remarkable mileage of 60-65 kilometers per liter. Let’s dive deeper into the exciting features and specifications of this stylish ride.

Design and Pricing

The new TVS Apache RTR 160 retains its signature style with a sleek and aerodynamic design that commands attention on the road. Despite its premium appearance, the bike remains lightweight, weighing in at 137 kg.

Available in three variants, the pricing ranges from Rs. 144,218 for the base model to Rs. 151,568 for the top-of-the-line variant. With its competitive pricing and premium aesthetics, the Apache RTR 160 is set to make a statement in the market.


Under the hood, the TVS Apache RTR 160 boasts a robust 159.7cc engine, delivering a powerful performance of 15.82 bhp and 13.5 Nm of torque at 7000 rpm.

Whether you’re cruising on city streets or hitting the highways, this engine ensures a smooth and responsive ride, making every journey a thrilling adventure. With its impressive power output, the Apache RTR 160 is ready to conquer any terrain with ease.


One of the most enticing features of the new TVS Apache RTR 160 is its exceptional mileage of 60 kilometers per liter. Bid farewell to frequent refueling stops and relish long rides without concerns of running low on petrol

The bike comes equipped with a 12-liter fuel tank, ensuring extended travel without interruptions. Additionally, the Apache RTR 160 offers a top speed of 95 kilometers per hour, providing a perfect blend of efficiency and performance for riders.


Safety is paramount, and TVS prioritizes rider security with advanced braking systems across all variants of the Apache RTR 160. The base model features a disc brake in the front and a drum brake in the rear, providing reliable stopping power when needed.

For added safety and peace of mind, the top variant comes equipped with disc brakes on both the front and rear tires, ensuring optimal braking performance in diverse riding conditions.


The new TVS Apache RTR 160 offers a perfect combination of style, performance, and affordability. With its sleek design, powerful engine, enhanced mileage, and advanced safety features, this bike is designed to elevate your riding experience to new heights.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice enthusiast, the Apache RTR 160 is the perfect companion for your adventures on the road.

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