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Tips for in the Exam Hall All Students Should Know w/ EVE BENNETT


This video is a collab with Eve Bennett/ Revision with Eve about tips for in the exam hall during an exam ❤ how to cope with exam stress and get in the ZONE …

यह सभी वीडियो ऑटो पब्लिश है वेबसाइट का उद्देश्य सिर्फ वीडियो प्रमोशन का है सभी कॉपीराइट यूट्यूब यूजर के है

  1. Mohsen Alseifi says

    Good Luck for maths today everyone!

  2. Livvi Bickel says

    i couldn’t get the exam flow :,(

  3. Sharna Day says

    This is so relatable 😂

  4. Sharna Day says

    Wish i watched this before doing gcse English lit😂

  5. Gwen Rees-stams says

    In my school you can’t wear any watches since the old examiners don’t know which ones are smart watches of not. I have to leave my analog one in my bag with my phone

  6. Your Study Buddy says

    with the new spec you are not allowed a watch in the exam hall anymore

  7. Hermione Granger says

    Wait, is she a bennet witch?🤡🤡

  8. John says

    If you don't have a watch in your exam, you're not serious.

  9. James Summers says

    yoo there is 666 comments that's totally not bad luck for tomorrow

  10. Lara Simply says

    No matter what type of watch it is it has to go in the folder with our phones.

  11. PugsterJosh says

    Ah yes i know that feeling too well. Before the exam, you look down at the paper. You read the dreaded words “OCR”. You turn the page and you are like, shit!

  12. Risi Deniz says

    this is so helpful thankyou 🙂

  13. Sophia Tomes says

    I always have loads of time left over, mainly bc I write really fast and I need to get everything down before I forget it. Also, apparently you’re allowed to take mints into the exam with you in a clear container or bag lol

  14. HAMISH_THE_HAM EU [-WLV-] says

    i never trusted my age group until i watched this! OUTSTANDING! So scared for the next month, i need to revise now!

  15. genie10 says

    stg that mode where it's just an outer body experience and you forget everything outside of that exam paper has the same energy as when you're cutting wrapping paper and the scissors glide. Like time just stops for a bit and it doesn't even feel like it's been two and a half hours. I kind of love it because when you come out you literally don't remember anything that just happened. It's a wild mental place

  16. The Fresh Trim Of Bel Air says

    In my physics mock, one of the invigilators made me do the register for my row (which isn’t it his job?) then when I gave it back to him, he stole my pen! (I could’ve used my spare one, but that one had my grip on it). Then he looks down, and it literally took 5 mins to get his attention – 2 mins before the exam started! I was so stressed that I couldn’t concentrate afterwards – and physics turned out to be my worst grade. So if they do that in any of my real exams, honest to god…

  17. thivy thaya says

    Beauties, God Bless truly

  18. Molly Hadley says

    yeah, smiling is classed as a form of communication in my college xD

  19. Superbe100 says

    they wrote ab the wrong people and yet still got a stars in everything … can’t relate

  20. Sophie Ann says

    In my school, analogue watches have to be taken off and put in the desk – and can't be touched. Smart watches have to be put in our bag

  21. John Manalo says

    So helpful you don't understand this calms down my anxiety tysm

  22. bri bri says

    I’m so worried

  23. Nano 1474 says

    Fake it till you make it

  24. johanna cannella says

    having my first exam tomorrow !! exam flow is key and its so true..i know my whole exam schedule by heart. IB business management HL paper 1, 3 May 2019 13:00.

  25. Cameron Spencer says

    WAIT HOLD UP! During the test this boy keep snorting and WOULDN’T get a freaking tissue, and im like…omg
    stop fucking snorting and get a damn tissue

  26. Eva Galise says

    Who's in year 10 doing their english literature soon? (thats me )

  27. Svsca 2020 says

    I have IBS and so I'm lucky I can have exam arrangements which means I'll be in a room with hopefully no more than 6-7 people.

  28. Alaleh Khoeizadeh says

    Oh my god I absolutely do the "pretend" thing haha

  29. where's my mind says

    Hi jade plz rely asap got an exam tommorow and i dunno how or were to sit in the exam or how its sat out like what happens if im in the wrong seat or if cant find my seat do we line u or just go striaght to our seats

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