Monsoon Update: IMD Predicts Monsoon Arrival Date, Heavy Rains in These States for 48 Hours

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Monsoon Update: The scorching heat continues across the country. The scorching sun and intense heat in the afternoon are forcing people to leave their homes. People are eagerly waiting for the monsoon. Meanwhile, a relief news has emerged for Telangana. According to the Meteorological Department, monsoon may arrive here in the second week of June.

monsoon dates

Kerala: 31 May
Uttar Pradesh: June 20 (around)
Temperature in the country at this time:

Maximum Temperature: Exceeds 47°C
Heatwave: declared in many states

Heat wave havoc in states:

Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana: 17 to 21 May
Uttar Pradesh: 17 to 21 May (in some parts)
Gujarat: 17 to 21 May (in different parts)
Bihar: 17 to 20 May
Jharkhand: 19 and 20 May

Heavy rain warning in Kerala:

May 20 and 21: Extremely heavy rain at isolated places

Rain in other states:

May 17 to 21: Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Karaikal, Kerala, Mahe, Coastal Karnataka and South Interior Karnataka (at isolated places).
20th and 21st May: Lakshadweep
May 17 to 21: Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Karaikal (different locations)
17 to 19 May: Kerala and Mahe (in isolated areas)


To avoid heat:
avoid leaving the house
drink adequate amount of water
wear light colored clothes
take a cold water bath
consume ORS solution

During rain:

stay in a safe place
stay away from electrical appliances
do not enter the water

Note: This information is given according to the Meteorological Department. This may change.

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