Microsoft Confirms 2024 Launch for Windows 11 24H2 Update

Windows 11 24H2 to introduce upgraded Snap Layouts, Groups and other features to enable smoother and organized simultaneous working across multiple apps

Multitasking Boost  

Support for DirectStorage incorporated in 24H2 update promises significantly reduced game load times by eliminating storage bottlenecks.  

Faster Game Load

Fresh visual design changes including a redesigned Start menu and system icons along with subtle UI animations and effects planned.

Visual Upgrades

Users need to ensure their PCs meet new minimum hardware requirements before installing latest Windows 11 24H2 update when available.

Hardware Prerequisites  

Critical security upgrades such as enhanced biometric sign-in via Windows Hello and deeper hardware-level protections to be introduced.

Improved Security

Users to get deeper integration with Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Office apps and wider cloud services ecosystem in Windows 11 24H2.


24H2 continues Windows 11's transition to predictable yearly major version launches bringing latest features to consumers.

Annual Update Model

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