This small machine costing Rs 5000 is no less than an AC, it will eliminate all traces of humidity, stickiness will disappear

Humidity increases a lot during the rainy season. In such a situation, one feels like getting something that can eliminate stickiness. A special machine that competes with AC is available online and its price is very low. The weather is very sticky during the rainy days, so sweat keeps dripping continuously. In such a situation, even the cooler stops working, and only AC works. Air conditioners are dry and not everyone can use AC to get rid of humidity and heat, because it is very expensive.

But a special device is available in the market to compete with it, which can be found at less than half its price. Yes, here we are talking about Dehumidifier. This small device can give a tough competition to AC, because it absorbs the moisture present in the air of the room. Customers can buy dehumidifier at a price ranging from Rs 5000 to Rs 9000 from online platform like Amazon and Flipkart.


Silver Martini Home Dehumidifier

This machine is being given a discount of 48%. The company claims that it can absorb up to 350ml of moisture every day. It has a 1000mL tank which automatically shuts off as soon as it is full. Customers can buy this device from Amazon for Rs 5,490.


Power Pye Electronics Dehumidifier

It comes with a 1300ML tank and if kept in a small room, it quickly absorbs the moisture from the air. It is available from Amazon for Rs 6,990 after a discount of 46%.When it is full, the dehumidifier will shut off automatically and the LED light will turn on which will indicate that water has to be removed from the water tank.



Similarly, there are many humidifiers listed online, which absorb the moisture in the room. When the humidity reduces, the coolness is felt more. The reason for this is that due to the humidity in the monsoon, there is more humidity, and the sweat does not dry.