You will not get the facility of Ayushman card, if you make this mistake in Aadhaar-ration card and other documents

Ayushman Card News: Mistakes in names in documents can create hurdles in making Ayushman cards. 245 such people have been found in Ghazipur who have been declared ineligible due to mistakes in names. The concerned department says that there is no option available to correct the mistakes.

Amitesh Singh, Ghazipur: 20 to 25 people are coming to the CMO office every day to join the Ayushman Bharat scheme. Out of these, 15-20 people are such whose name is not the same in the Aadhar card, ration card and other documents. Because of this, these people have to make rounds of offices to get their name corrected. For this, people are facing a lot of trouble. In Ghazipur, 245 people have come in the ineligible category due to difference in the name in the documents. In this scheme, more than 245 eligible people in Ghazipur have come in the category of ineligible forever only because the spelling of their name is different in the Ayushman card and Aadhar card. In such a case, the entire family is eligible for the Ayushman Yojana, but those whose names are spelled incorrectly have been deemed ineligible. When the department informed the headquarters of the Ayushman Yojana about this, the reply came that there is currently no provision for amendment in the name of the card. This is a clear indication that the complainant has become ineligible for the scheme.


Solution for amendment

CMO Desh Deepak Pal told the media that matching of name and other information in Ayushman card and identity card is necessary. Many such cases have come up in which the names are different. In this regard, the concerned officer has been informed by sending a letter. The reply from there was that there is currently no provision for making any kind of amendment in the Ayushman card. However, now the option of amendment will come.