Maruti going to launch its Hustler,check price Features and specifications

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Maruti Hustler:-This charming looking car of Maruti is ready to create a stir in the Indian market. Also, with these new features and attractive design, this sub-compact SUV seems to be pleasing the customers. Maruti has always been known for its economical and strong vehicles.

Maruti Suzuki Hustler Features

If we talk about the features of this vehicle, then you will also get features like sunroof, digital display, 360 camera, rear sensor, power window, power side mirror, AC, ABS, smartphone connectivity, digital console and airbag. Besides, the company will also have some more digital features. The company claims that this car will create a stir as soon as it is launched in the market. Maruti Hustler’s car with branded features available at this price

Maruti Suzuki Hustler engine

Maruti Hustler vehicle will also be provided with a strong 658cc engine. Which will also generate power of 52ps and torque of 63 Nm. Also, its second engine option can also come in the same cc which will be turbo charged engine. Due to which it will also be successful in generating power of 64PS and torque of 63 Nm.

Maruti Suzuki Hustler price

No information regarding the price of Maruti Hustler vehicle has been revealed yet. It is believed that the price of this vehicle will be around Rs 6.7 lakh. Maruti Hustler’s car with branded features available at this price

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