Electric car tips, follow these tips and save your lakh of rupees



Electric car tips: New options are being used continuously to reduce pollution caused by vehicles all over the world including India. In this sequence, electric cars are also being introduced by the companies. But what kind of carelessness with electric cars can put a burden of lakhs of rupees on the pocket. Let’s know

Take care of the battery

The battery of an electric car should never be completely discharged. One should always try to charge the battery only when it is around 20 percent. Due to continuous discharge of the battery, the life of the battery starts decreasing rapidly. At the same time, the battery should never be charged more than 80 percent.

What kind of charger should be used for charging

Usually companies provide charger with electric car. This is a low capacity charger, due to which the battery takes more time to charge. To avoid this, people charge the car with a fast charger. But there are more disadvantages of charging the battery for a long time with a fast charger. Therefore, try to use the fast charger only when needed. When there is no great need, it is better to charge the battery of the electric car with a normal charger.

Do not drive at high speed

While driving an electric car, one should always keep in mind that the car should not be driven at high speed suddenly. By doing this, the battery starts discharging very fast and driving the car like this for a long time has a bad effect on the battery.

It will cost lakhs of rupees to get it repaired

If the electric car is driven carelessly for a long time, it has a bad effect on the motor and battery of the car. Due to which the life of the car also starts decreasing. If the battery or motor gets damaged once, then lakhs of rupees may have to be spent to replace it.

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