Hero Electric Duet E: Unleash 250 Km of Freedom at an Unbeatable Price!

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Hero Electric Duet E : Imagine cruising effortlessly for 250 kilometers on a single charge, all while saving money and protecting the environment. That’s the electrifying reality offered by the Hero Electric Duet E, a game-changing scooter poised to revolutionize urban transportation in India. Forget about range anxiety and skyrocketing fuel costs – the Duet E empowers you to conquer the city streets with confidence and affordability.

A Budget-Friendly EV Champion:

Hero, renowned for its commitment to accessible mobility, has unveiled the Duet E at a remarkable starting price of ₹52,000. This strategic move democratizes electric mobility, making it a viable option for the budget-conscious middle class.

Imagine ditching expensive petrol for clean, sustainable electricity – the Duet E translates to significant long-term savings, both financially and environmentally.

Unleash the Power of 250 Km:

Forget the limitations of conventional scooters. The Duet E boasts a mind-blowing 250 km range on a single charge, shattering all expectations.

This translates to seamless commutes, weekend getaways, and errand runs without worrying about running out of juice. Explore the city, conquer hillocks, and embark on spontaneous adventures – the Duet E fuels your wanderlust with its extended range.

A Feature-Packed Ride:

The Duet E is more than just impressive range. It’s packed with user-friendly features that elevate your riding experience. Navigate the streets with ease using the digital meter, speedometer, and odometer, while the LED lighting ensures optimal visibility during day and night rides. Stay connected and informed with the touchscreen display, accessing essential information and controls at your fingertips.

Performance Meets Efficiency:

The Duet E isn’t just about range; it’s about powerful performance too. The robust 250-watt BLDC hub motor and advanced lithium-ion battery pack deliver a thrilling ride.

Accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h in a mere 10 seconds, all while enjoying the quiet efficiency of electric propulsion. This potent combination makes the Duet E a perfect blend of exhilaration and eco-consciousness.

When is it Launching?

Mark your calendars, because the Hero Electric Duet E is all set to hit the streets in February 2024. This revolutionary scooter is poised to redefine urban mobility, offering an unparalleled combination of affordability, range, performance, and features. Be among the first to experience the electrifying future of transportation!

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