Realme C1 Unboxing and Hands On – Games, Battery, Camera

The Realme C1 is the best bang for the buck budget smartphone on the market right now. it only costs php5590. it has a huge 6.2 inch ips display, is powered by the snapdragon 450 processor, has 2gb ram and 16gb rom. it also has dual cameras

The Realme C1 is the first phone from Realme that is coming out in the Philippines and it is looking pretty good based from my review here.

I also played these games:
1.) Ragnarok Eternal M
2.) Pubg
3.) Mobile Legends

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  1. Marie Nicole Trijo says

    the phone is good i love the color!! #TechbeansXmasGiveaway

  2. Engelbert Endino says

    Do you know guys when will the real me 2 pro be available here in the ph?

  3. morris rocamora says

    Great deal, hope to win #TechbeansXmasGiveaway

  4. Gem Noe says

    What I like most is that this is a nice phone and has an amazing display with its affordable price! #TechbeansXmasGiveaways

  5. VIGUNZ says

    It seems that you get what you pay for . awesome gadget for the bucket 👍


  6. Jek says

    Really like the elegance for it's price point. No to mentioned the specs inside, Snapdragon 450 Processor, for 5.5k is a steal!

  7. Vanessa Santos says

    Budget friendly phone but good enough for selfies. #TechbeansXmasGiveaway

  8. Warren Abuhan says

    Omg! Love the battery durability and the specs daym especially the cam its similar to oppo. And btw love ur vids bruh keep up the good work


  9. Lee Kenneth Da Bin says

    Its pretty good for its price. But i still love the Oppo R17 Pro and the Pocophone F1.

  10. Christian Miraflores says

    ang ganda sir vince

  11. Lira Marquez says

    I love the overall design. It's like having an Oppo A3s in a lower price. I also like the specs.

  12. CLeeP1983 says

    Snapdragon 440? I tried to PUBG on a SD 652, it was terrible. But, this phone seems like a basic duty king! 4,200mAH is going to send a lot of texts and scroll a lot of Facebook.

  13. Exciquel Nieves says

    Hope to see what phone can beat OppoR17 😂

  14. Amos Domingo says

    Real entry level king😎

  15. Jose Ramos says

    Para sa Presyo Astig and panalo na to.

  16. dieds man says

    Pasko peru
    Walang ano man ang na tanggap😔

  17. Fredrick Suguitan says

    Snapdragon cpu even though it sd450
    2gb ram, that's reasonable for the price and the storage is expandable.
    I love the premium look, that glass finish at the back, the notch and the looks. For that price point, you cant expect something that is premium like this realme C1. I'm impressed with the camera too, its much better than the cameras of oppo although realme is a sub brand of oppo hahaha. But the colors are much vibrant, captures real life colors better. The shots are very sharp. I hope it has a portrait mode because it blurs the background very well. For just under php6000 you cant ask for more because this is the best bang for your buck!


    P.s. I didn't know that techbeans is a Filipino hahaha Its so awesome!

  18. peter jallores says

    I wish I have too 😭😭😭😭
    I like the battery and the camera

  19. CGS 4U says

    Run dsfa test on realme c1

  20. zaunaku 23 says

    straight!!! From phillipines

  21. Aurmanni Angeles says

    Love the build quality! #TechbeansXmasGiveaway

  22. Mhadz Abuassi says

    Learn how to speak better English.

  23. Cancer Gaming TV says

    Damn its like oppo a3s pero mas affordable to. Overall ganda ng phone sa price na 5k plus pwedeng pwede na.
    Godbless sir vince more blessings to come
    Merry Christmas Techbeans fam

  24. marz cadapan says

    I'll like the design and the camera ..

  25. Andrew Holden says

    I'm glad they decided to keep the headphone jack, and it runs amazingly smoothly #TechbeansXmasGiveaway

  26. jsl enacion says

    Too bad it is only 2gb of ram but still a great phone for its price.

  27. RAY PANTALEON says
  28. Jun k says

    It is really amazing on how affordable the phone is, even the quality is good. And aside from that the battery can last longer for gamer user.

  29. ON MUSIC says

    Wow the battery is no joke and its a great phone for a cheap price

  30. John Carlo Labanero says

    I love 4000mah batteries on phones😊

  31. Gelo Guice says

    What a beautiful cellphone that super cheap but the specs is beast..

  32. Mightor Feliciano says

    Kaya pa nya ung double split screen! Na dalawang ragnarok pwd laruin

  33. Christian Jay Gonzaga says

    Smartphone entry-level king! The cheapest bang for the buck smartphone.


  34. Joan Tumala says

    I like the SD450 for only 5.5k #TechbeansXmasGiveaway

  35. Michaeluck Falcone says

    I like that it has SD450 for only 5.5k #TechbeansXmasGiveaway

  36. Sahimar Tantung says

    this look premium.

  37. kaprey says

    Sub in n hit d bell👍

  38. bhok pury says

    Ang nagustuhan ko sa kanya ay yung phone mismo grabe solid ung specs nya kumbaga palaban sa mga mamahalin na cellphone ngayon. Una yung battery pangalawa yung design ng phone at may notch at pangatlo yung price nya. Panalo yan 🙂

  39. Memes Is Life says

    I will wait that to release in philippines

  40. Niño Dela Cruz says
  41. Who You says

    Woah. Bang for the buck talaga. Wallet friendly!


  42. Justsimply Me says

    I love about the realme c1 is budget smartphone and the battery is nice ❤️❤️🎊 #TechbeansXmasGiveaway

  43. Toffy Galinato says

    pang grind sa rom mobile hehehe


  44. Jerome Decasa says

    Very Affordable , Nice Design, Great Camera and Big Battery

  45. Dozzer says

    I really like camera and the battery of the phone!!!

  46. Victor Punla says

    Realme brand will be bang here in PH because of their offering a good phone in a low price. Keep it up. Thank You TechBeans for information for the latest device here i PH.


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