10 Civilizations that Mysteriously Disappeared

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  1. Emre Özyurt says

    Dude Nr.10 has to be my fav.
    Absolutely amazing man

  2. Kory St. Aoro says

    Queen Boudica was part of the picts

  3. Lim1ted G4m3rs says

    "Chatalhook" xD

  4. pc plays says

    What about the colony of roanoke?

  5. Luc Middelveld says

    Why did you not include Gobleki Tepe in Turkey? That side is way older and more mysterious then those you listed.

  6. taliesin halliday says

    there was no dominant gender or class system, "pretty forwad thinking for their time" and they all disappeared without a trace into extinction. yes, thats forward thinking, having noone in control or to lead a defence.

  7. Brian Dube says

    We've always been an interesting race.

  8. SoupSalad 804 says

    Some say that it was a nuclear weapon or something that made the Indus valley civilization disappear.

    I still don't know how that's possible

  9. Lynx Que says

    Roanoke Tribe?

  10. monstersarehere1 says

    I'm a descendant of the picts they just learned to adapt rather quickly

  11. KING ADITYA-PUBGM and More! ! says

    But modern indians are descendents of the indus civilization people that is why our country is called INDia.

  12. Golden Minecraft Gold says

    Teacher: Who is your teacher?
    Me: Matthew Santoro.

  13. Angela Cowie says

    Sometimes wonder what we would all be like if we still lived like they did way back when 💜 thx for this up load

  14. anthony siciliano says

    It’s cLoViS not ClOvIs

  15. All Might says

    The civilization from Full Metal Alchemist that got used for a transmutation

  16. Mia M says

    It's interesting, but I would have liked it more if you'd show less of your face talking on half of the screen. I think I'd rather see more of the visual materials on the screen.

  17. Larisa Kelley says

    Drives me crazy not knowing

  18. kiran reaper says


  19. Johan Jasnih says

    The Marleyans attacked the Arkaim

    Get it

  20. Aera Steele says

    The way he pronounces these names… lol

  21. Kaden Anderson says

    Also maybe the picts made the dighton rock based off of pictures

  22. Kaden Anderson says

    What else went missing

    Matt's hair

  23. Kaden Anderson says

    Best top 10 ever

  24. Nazik Adam says

    Without any explanations? I think Quran is clear on why Allah destroyed the unfaithful ummahs of the past.

  25. Mike Egebrecht says

    Theirs only one reason these civilizations disappeared. Aliens

  26. TheLuckyNickel says

    You forgot Roanoke

  27. Uzumakis says

    Haven't you seen The Great Wall? That's what they were keeping out. 😛

  28. CJ Whitmore says

    For the record as someone from New Mexico who has studied archaeology, Clovis is pronounced like KLO-vis (long O, short I). The first evidence of the Clovis culture was discovered at the Blackwater Draw site between Portales, New Mexico (where I used to live) and Clovis, New Mexico. The Clovis culture is named after the city of Clovis, NM just as the Folsom culture is named after the town of Folsom, NM. (As a side note, New Mexico is an incredible place for archaeology.)

  29. Jeanluk Volker says

    10 science fiction technology's that might exist in the next 10 years

  30. LopezJayLo98 says

    The Nabateans built Petra

  31. Tiffanye Young says

    Always love ancient history lessons. Excellent work

  32. helder skelter says

    I can tell you what happened to the native americans… white people.

  33. jjammmees says

    Nobody knows what language the Picts spoke.. well I could hazard a guess they probably used pictures

  34. zex kyre says

    i bit my tongue when pronouncing one of the name..

  35. bo william says

    The Picts had the higher ground in Scotland like the Taliban and the Swiss. Highlands are killer locations to try to control.

  36. Karasu Ootori says

    I just noticed these civilizations were one step further than the other existing ones, or is it just me lol.

  37. Dev Upadhyay says

    No 3,, there was used to a river called saraswati which dried up and made people to exodus on the Eastern part of india ie ganga river people.

  38. Zachary 315 says

    The Mayans are the ones that I only know

  39. Dan 792 says

    What about the penguins of a important


  40. Grizzlys and Dogs TLC says

    I from Adana, Turkey so I shocked

  41. Ofentse Tshepe says

    simple answer colonizers killed them

  42. Maynard For President says

    chatalhouk… sounds like Borat when he says this.. hheheh

  43. Shelley Netzer-Edgerton says

    Do another one their wasn’t even a honorable mentions and ancient aliens had a lot of these type of civilizations some of the ones you mentioned but they had more

  44. Matt Man says


  45. Matt Man says

    We're in Canada

  46. Mic theGhost says

    "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict"
    A 1969 Pink Floyd track.

  47. Dominic Martinez says

    There are still Pueblo Indians throughout New Mexico today. They didnt disappear lol.

  48. denniswildcat28 says

    It was Itachi 👀

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