5 रहस्य स्टॉक मार्केट से पैसे बनाने के (5 Secrets of Making Money from Stock Market)

शेयर मार्केट में निवेश और ट्रेडिंग द्वारा पैसे कमाने के पांच महत्वपूर्ण नियम (Five Important Rules for Making Money by Investing and Trading in the Stock Market)

In this Video The Director and Co-Founder of Elearnmarkets and StockEdge will explain you the 5 important rules, the secret of making money in the stock market.

So if you are wondering how will you earn from the stock market then this video is a must watch for you all.

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  1. pa aniyan says

    Watching your videos recently and I strongly believe that everyone who wish to be a part of the market should watch this videos.  Thanks a lot sir.  Maturity in your words and the focus on the subject in particular is appreciated.

  2. Surya prakash chaturvedi says

    Thank you sir.

  3. mohammad anis Ains says

    Very nice sir

  4. Vijay Buye says

    Your ideas are great.. but background music is irritating..

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  6. Ramprasad Chimote says

    Achchhi jankari, thanks.

  7. Maru GOPI KISHAN says

    सर् मजा आ गया

  8. Krishan Kumar Rawat says

    Great sir

  9. Commonman India says

    Sir,Great presentation simple nd top notch 👍, I'm taking up crta course in your academy coming month.looking forward to it

  10. Neelesh Sharma says

    Sir chart kaise dekha jata hai

  11. Mukesh Srivasthav says

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  12. Manmit Singh says

    Thanks for your support, can you please share your knowledge on swing trading

  13. suresh chand says

    Hello Mr Bajaj…… Many many thanks for your time and suggestions……..!!!

  14. Raja Raja says

    Thank you sir.

  15. sanjay soni says

    Fantastic sir

  16. Ramashish Singh says

    Nice video sir ji

  17. Sandeep Dhanwani says

    video is superb SIR ,
    please tell us , how much money you are making per month or year ?

  18. Prem savla says

    Great informative video! For getting the right advise for investment, you could also get in touch with Arvind Bajaj by visiting his website arvindbajajjackpotking and see a handsome return with your investments.

  19. Pradeep Taneja says

    Thanks for sharing your experience…..

  20. tanya says

    the background music is totally distracting. not able to focus on what you are telling. no point in making these videos if you have such loud background music. it is soo annoying.

  21. rahul chaudhary says


  22. Santosh Bhosale says

    Background music sucks…

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