Yamaha Launching New RX 100 Bike to Beat Royal Enfeild

Yamaha RX 100 bike will be launched in India by December 2026. As per reports, it will be rolled out in the market by the end of 2026.

Launch Date

Talking about the price of Yamaha RX 100, it is estimated that it can be priced between Rs 1.25 lakhs to Rs 1.50 lakhs.


The bike comes with a 10 liter fuel tank. It will come with a very powerful engine which will provide the thrill of racing on the roads. 


This bike will have features like digital meters, Bluetooth connectivity, digital speedometer. 


Yamaha RX 100 has drum brakes and other safety features. It will prove to be a safe and reliable bike suitable for long distance travel.  


This bike will have hi-tech features like digital speedometer, trip meter, real-time GPS navigation and digital gauges which make it special in the market.

Hi-tech Features

Yamaha RX 100 will be a very comfortable and relaxing bike. Its seating position and handling is designed very well. Ideal for long rides.  


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