Google Expands Gemini Mobile App in This Country

Google Gemini app now rolling out to users in Latin America, Africa, Asia Pacific and Canada signaling accelerated global availability.

Beyond the US

Google also confirms Gemini app European launch coming in near future though specific date remains unannounced.

European Launch Soon 

Impatient users can manually install Android Gemini APK to try capabilities today though full functionality not guaranteed.  

Sideload Option

Once installed and setup completed, Gemini becomes default virtual assistant app on device instead of Google Assistant.

Replaces Assistant

Being an early beta, Gemini lacks certain basic functions like alarm/reminder creation and smart home controls for now. 

Work in Progress 

Gemini specialized for rich conversational ability over menial tasks but Google promises more well-rounded features coming soon.


Along with Bing's Sydney, Gemini attempts to rival ChatGPT and Bard signaling fierce AI assistant race heating up.

Bard Challenger 

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