Yakuza Karisma EV launched at the Price of Rs 1 lakh, With the range of 60 km

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Yakuza Karishma EV: If we tell you that there is a Lakhtakiya electric car accessible in the Indian advertise, which looks like Tata Nano. This is completely genuine, Yakuza Karisma EV is such an electric car. On one hand, electric cars are costlier than petrol/diesel models, on the other hand, to bargain with this issue, a company named Yakuza has come up with a budget electric car.

Talking almost the plan of the car, it has a gleam dark grille, Driven DRL on the headlights, two halogen bulbs. This EV comes with as it were two entryways. Its estimate is very little and it is planned to handle overwhelming activity. It has halogen taillights at the raise. The charging harbour of the car can be opened with the offer assistance of a flip key.

Yakuza karishma motor

The car has an electric engine at the raise. The best speed of this car is 25 to 30 kilometers per hour. In such a circumstance, there is no require to enroll it. It has a 1250W electric engine. The company is giving 1 year guarantee on it. Amid this period, if there is any blame in the engine, the company will supplant it with a unused motor.


This electric car comes with a 60V 45Ah battery pack, it can be fueled by Sort 2 charger. This electric scooter takes 6 to 7 hours to fully charged. Once completely charged, it can travel up to 60 kilometers. This car has been given with typical stun safeguards for suspension.


Yakuza Karishma electric car has a single situate in the front. It can be balanced back and forward. Separated from this, two individuals can sit comfortably on the raise situate. This car can be a great choice for those who travel to adjacent places. It has control controlling, little computerized screen, control windows, odometer, start-stop button, revolving adapt handle to select forward and turn around modes.

The cost of Yakuza Karishma is between Rs 1 to 2 lakh. Keep in intellect that this cost depends on the markdown accessible at that time.

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