Tremendous sales of TVS, people flocked to this bike, it single-handedly captured 40% of the market



TVS Raider 125: The name of TVS is enough that whenever this company launches any of its segments in the market, the customers go crazy. Recently TVS has released its 2024 sales report, in which it has been seen that the company has increased sales by 38 percent in a year. In the year 2024, 1,32,339 units of TVS across all segments have been sold. But in this matter TVS bike has broken all records.

There has been a 24 percent increase in TVS bike sales in the year 2024. In which TVS has sold 1,27,186 units of its bikes in a year. If we talk about TVS mopeds, here too you will see huge sales. Sales of TVS mopeds have increased significantly in the last year. According to the sales report, last year there has been an increase of 20% in the sales of TVS moped. 41,925 units of TVS moped were sold in a year.

This bike captured 40 percent market

Let us tell you that TVS Rider 125 has created a stir in FY 2024. This bike of the company has recorded the highest sales. This has become the best selling bike of the company. If we talk about its sales, then 4,78,433 units of this bike have been sold in FY 2024.

It is believed that TVS Rider 125 has even overtaken the Apache bike in sales. According to the sales report, TVS Rider 125 has captured 40% of the market.

Features of TVS Rider 125

There are some reasons behind this bike being sold so much and the reason is that TVS Rider 125 has very strong features. The features given in this bike are leaving Apache behind. Its look is quite spectacular and its sporty look is quite different from other bikes.

In this bike you get to see a stronger engine than other bikes. Besides, the mileage of this bike is also quite excellent. Due to all these good features, TVS Rider 125 has been sold like crazy.

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