Crash test of electric scooter by ARAI for the first time, know the details



EV Crash Test: In India, work is being done continuously to make electric two-wheelers safe. In such a situation, for the first time, a major institute of the country, ARAI, has done a crash test to check the safety of electric scooters. Let’s know how work is being done to make electric vehicles safe in India.

Testing done by ARAI

According to media reports, the Automotive Research Association of India has tested electric scooters in Pune, Maharashtra. The institute has completed a series of three crash tests at its plant.

Information kept secret

ARAI used accelerometers and high-speed cameras to capture data during the crash test. But the information of the companies whose were used in the crash test by the institute has been kept secret. According to reports, a hard barrier was also used during the test.

Who will be harmed

According to the report, if crash tests are made mandatory for electric two-wheelers in India, it will be a blow to those companies which use cheap and substandard batteries, motors and other parts instead of the prescribed standards in their products.

Who will benefit

If crash tests for electric two-wheelers are made mandatory in the country, it will directly benefit the customers. Because during the crash test, electric two-wheelers will be tested in many ways, in which their motor, battery, chassis etc. will be checked. The advantage of this will be that whatever options will be offered in the market will be much better in terms of safety and incidents like fire, malfunction etc. will be reduced significantly.

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