Air taxi will start soon in India! What will be the rental and velocity? Know here

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Air Taxi: Ever since Anand Mahindra shared photos of India’s first air taxi on his Ex account, people have been wondering: When will India start air taxis? Let’s say that the competition between air taxis, which save you both business travel and time, is increasing all over the world.

Therefore, the aviation industry sees this as a successful business in the future. Air taxis really help you cover long distances in a shorter time without having to go to the airport like a plane. Additionally, air taxi fares are cheaper than flight tickets. Therefore, it will be seen as the aviation industry in the future.

First air taxi service started in Dubai

Joby Aviation started to launch the world’s first taxi service. The company is about to launch the world’s first flying taxi service in Dubai. The agency announced a partnership with the Gulf Emirate earlier this year. The taxi will start serving in Dubai in 2025. Automotive giants such as Toyota also invested $394 million in Joby Aviation. In this series, IntGlobe Aviation and Archer Aviation jointly launched taxi service in India. Air taxi service from Connaught Palace in Delhi to Gurgaon is expected to start in 2026. The journey will only take 7 minutes. 5 people, including the pilot, will be able to fly in the air taxi.

Mumbai & Bengaluru are also planning to launch air taxi

InterGlobe Enterprises air taxi will be called Midnight. The company said it is targeting the 27km journey from Connaught Place in Delhi to Gurgaon, which currently takes 60 to 90 minutes. Our goal is to reduce the time to 7 minutes with this air taxi. The aircraft taxi can carry four passengers in addition to the pilot.

The range of one charge is approximately 150 km

According to Archer Aviation, the seven-minute flight from Connaught Place to Gurgaon costs around Rs 2-3 lakh.

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