Xiaomi Mi 8 | The best Value from Xiaomi right now!

Here is my quick Xiaomi Mi 8 2 week review #XiaomiMi8

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  1. ben cherian says

    Yayyy First !!! 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  2. Hani Shamseddeen says

    How does this compare to the mi mix s2?

  3. gforce1963 says

    Thank you for the review. But I've noticed others mention an issue with the GPS not being very accurate. Have you had a chance to see if there is a problem for yourself? It is a great phone, but with some of my smart home functions that run based on the phones location it would be nice to know if this truly is an issue.

  4. Danny Ye says

    Watching this on my Mi8. Can confirm it's a great phone👌

  5. Tim Jones says

    J what phone service are you using ?

  6. Joseph Erickson says

    Awesome video super awesome phone that thing looks sweet 👍👍👍👍😎😎😎

  7. Art Dog says

    Xiaomi is doing it big right now. I wish more people in the US would take advantage of their phones, which generally have better specs, a better build and look, and are more affordable than most phones released directly to the US.

  8. Mr. Marcus says

    Wow if works on T-Mobile I may purchase

  9. soderberg78 says

    Have you tried the lite version? Is it good to?

  10. Vanja Miletic says

    poco launcher is goog.from xiaomi.try it

  11. Perry Freeman says

    Nice video

  12. DMH 106 says

    Hey J., how long does it usually take Gearbest to ship 🚢 their orders. I purchased the Mi 8 on November 23rd and it still hasn't shipped. Yes 👍, I paid extra for shipping. I need it by the 17th, it's a birthday gift 🎁.😞

  13. tham3rHD says

    I used mi 4 and abused that thing it's smooth good value good photography good specs, 2 years later I had to go back one of the few phones you wish to purchase again.

  14. RedPanther YT says

    Is th FPS overclockhable

  15. RedPanther YT says

    Is that a custom icon pack?

  16. Fritz Wunderlich says

    I care about the speakers a lot … Sadly this one does not have stereo- speakers …

  17. Daniel Bryant says

    I have a mi note 3 and I have to say I dislike miui with a passion

  18. Darrell Gilmore says

    Thanks for the video!!

  19. Jo Lemmens says

    I live in Belgium and bought the global version 64gb in France for 349€ one week ago. Love the phone : build, screen, speed, cameras, battery(7-8sot). The thing I like the most is the sound with headphones, very loud. I think it sounds better then my wifes LG V30.

  20. zombie magic says

    Just got the mi 8 lite love it

  21. Carey Crews says

    USA LTE?

  22. Big Homie says


  23. John Pineda says

    Great video but I dont see a point on having hdr on a 1080p display

  24. Akash Gupta says

    although i feel that the best value of 2018 is the poco , with everything . But ya mi8 is awesome because of its amoled screen and glass back. But what kills me is the lack of a headphone jack i mean i can live with the small size battery (although i drain my poco before 8 everyday :p) but ya .
    What do you think jay ? the small battery effects you ? and also the headphone jack ? cheers!

  25. ben cherian says

    Just curious to know. How's the display quality and clarity between OnePlus 6T and Mi8 ? Just the quality, not about notch

  26. hit wonda says


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