**UNEXPECTED RESULTS ** Testing Electronic Devices From Club Factory | #Vlogmas Day 10

**UNEXPECTED RESULTS ** Testing Electronic Devices From Club Factory | #Vlogmas #HeliVed #HeliHauls

Hope you enjoyed watching this! 🙂

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In case you wish to try anything out or want to know the current prices of the products 🙂 –

LED Bluetooth Speaker


Sport Smart Watch


Mobile Headset With Karaoke Microphone Apple Computer Cable Capacitance Wheat Singing Artifact (Trust me, I would call it Headphones with a mic)


Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Creative Cartoon Headphones


Heli 😉


  1. osheen rawat says

    I had the same watch!

  2. Krishan kumar pal says

    Which phone you have

  3. Neetu Sharma says

    I am bored but I love your things and verity

  4. Shourya Sonthalia says

    What was the cost of smartwatch

  5. Neeti Suri says
  6. S. Dutta says

    Maannn!! Your skin tone is too attactive.. 😰😰

  7. Najmunnisa Nisar says

    Nice video.

  8. Preetika Aggarwal says

    Well u r a rip off ur self

  9. Harpreet Singh says

    4:39 i also have this
    This is amazing

  10. ARUNA NAG says

    Hi heli is this headphone support only in iPhone or it will support Android too please reply

  11. Samin Irfan says

    I love watching your videos

  12. raja samrha says

    U r damn cute☺️😘

  13. kiran varma says

    Hey heli you wete listening to THANK YOU NEXT by ARIANA GRANDE right…im like her biggest fan and arianator i love her soo fucking much!!..indian arianators like this

  14. Priti Baby says


  15. Kafeel Abbasi says

    How can you copy Karina Garcia into really

  16. dream big says

    plz do another video on these product after 1 month .. plzzz 😭 so that i can buy those cute headphones

  17. Srijan Gupta says

    69k subscribers wow😀😀

  18. muhoshi rahman says

    Hello i am from bangladesh is it safe to shop from club factory by card

  19. Prachi _chiii says

    I like this try out video…excited for next one

  20. bhumika pareek says

    The cute earphones work only for few weeks and one earpiece stops working.

  21. Aiman nd madiha Khan says

    I buy that Bluetooth speaker just for rupees 200 and pink colour

  22. TheReviewDictionary says

    iwatch.??….its apple watch bro😭😂

  23. Jyotsana Srivastava says

    Never ever buy this Bluetooth speaker… battery backup boht kharab hoti h iski… Really don't go for it if u r planning to do so….

  24. tabassum khan says

    Speaker costs u 150₹ in market

  25. kritika patwa says

    Hey.can you try and review the foreo luna mini from club factory ?

  26. Nazia Aslam says


  27. Minal Jalekar says

    Can this ear phone or headphone be used in any phone like can we use in Mi phone

  28. Neha Naaz says

    I have eyerphon but.. 1month it's use less…

  29. kirti misra says

    I bought the mic earphones aswell it works so good

  30. Gaurav Purohit says

    Heli..uh r damn cute

  31. vaibhav sahu says

    Mam can you plz tell me which song you played on your bluetooth speaker at 5:20

  32. Rka liveevil says

    that mike product was pretty cool 👍

  33. Code X says

    OMG………….i can see you all day…….You are so cute.

  34. Surabhi Tiwari says

    I need iPod link

  35. Vidhi Bhansali says

    Really impressed with the Mike product

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