TOP 10 World Best Camera Smartphone 2018

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Curious guy :

Smartphones are the users’ multi utility equipment. The entire activities now totally depends on its uses. Features like selfie shots with bokeh effect, operating process, RAM, memory sizes etc have always been a matter of discussion while purchasing any phone. A user has to get satisfied with the features of a phone, that he buys. Buying mobile is not important, but the features owned by these gadgets have to be attractive. Based on the users’ demand, we introduce the 5 best phones, which will certainly make you feel tempted.

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  1. The Singh says

    Mate 20 pro is far better in speed and camera as compare to pixel 3xl and note 9


    If you are purely focusing on still image quality.
    1. Pixel
    2. Iphone XS Max
    3. Mate 20 pro
    4. Note 9

    If you're looking for video:

    1. Iphone XS Max
    2. Note 9
    3. Pixel
    4. Mate20 pro.

    For an Indian like me, the best overall choice is the Mate 20 pro. It gives most for that money and does better than Pixel and iPhones in a lot of ways. But in India Huawei doesn't have a premium brand image like Apple or Samsung

  3. Nezi D.l says

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro is the Best Camera phone in the world

  4. GOD SON says

    Matt 20 pro trying to be like Samsung in look like it I dont like that it's only one Samsung

  5. E.V. Gaming says

    So which one is the best Smartphone camera? Plz tell me.

  6. AK TREVOR says

    Where is POCO ???

  7. Cre8 says

    Any of the 3 Google Pixel's

  8. Sufiyan Ansari says

    Mate 20 pro no. 1

  9. Das Piano says

    What a lazy, pointless c** video!

  10. Po poy says

    Where is the huawei p20 pro?

  11. Aboo Shabu says

    Y9 super camera

  12. Nahuel Velazquez says

    Que bueno traiganlo a la argentina

  13. Layankit Layankit says

    Mate 20 pro is copy for Samsung Galaxy s9+

  14. Layankit Layankit says

    Samsung is best

  15. S.B GAMING says

    Note 9 #1

  16. Are you kidding me?

  17. naren sk says

    tell me the music name of google pixel 3xl anyone pls

  18. R p Star says

    Number 1 mate 20 pro

  19. Tech Mobiles says

    Bro can I have your contact number please…??

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