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असली योग | Top 10 गलतफहमया

In the name of Yoga many things are happening in the world. This video will give a glimpse on what Yoga really means.

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Angamardana Introduction –

Angamardana a short film –

Surya Kriya –

Yogasanas –

Sadhguru on Hinduism –

Sadhguru kick –

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  1. DesiYogi says

    English video on DesiYogi channel. Please share 🙏🏼

  2. shubhojeet mandal says

    Good Educational video bro keep it up👍

  3. koadiganti veeresh says

    Do video in English… Bro keep going…

  4. koadiganti veeresh says

    Tq bro awesome….

  5. 111 122 says

    Aum name of god

  6. opm ! says

    good job🙏 the West has ruined the Yoga.

  7. ksg sen says

    Nice to see Sadhguru's perception has been used

  8. Ram chityala says

    Wonderful & excellent work

  9. Pankaj Kashyap says

    Sir, which editing software you use…:)

  10. akash shukla says

    Nice video brother.👍
    inspired so much by sadhguru ji.

  11. Aman Sharma says

    जै हो वक्ता गुरु की……तुसी बोलते कडक हो जी । गुरु जी बात ऐशा है कि हमे प्यार हो गया है हम क्या करे समझ नही आता , प्यार क्या होता है गुरु जी और आदमी इसमे परेसान क्यों होता है । मैं कक्षा 9 में हूं मार्गदर्शन करें प्रभु।

  12. *Next perception* says

    Yoga = Application of some methods into your body which unite the harmony of body with harmony of cosmos.

  13. Krishna says

    Awesome work keep it up🙏🏼

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