Startup: BigBasket Startup Review

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  1. Pranit Bhisade says

    Sir hope u remember me..Purana student hu Aapka . Aap se python sikha , or data science ka course Kiya… Confusion hai ki internship Karu ya job dundhu.. kindly help

  2. Pranit Bhisade says

    Nice explaination sir, Thanks a lot …

  3. Xperience Tutorials says

    BigBasket only targets a specific category ie food and groceries whereas it's only a baby part for Amazon. Is it fair to compare these 2 companies who are definitely in same segment but have different products to offer to it's customer?
    Specifically talking about India, I guess it's competing with Groffers and it's kind to sustain in the market.

    Btw, nice explanation!

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