Rava Uttapam Recipe | Instant Rava Uttapam Recipe | Suji Uttapam Recipe In Hindi | Vegetable Uttapam

Rava Uttapam Recipe or Instant Rava Uttapam is a popular breakfast recipe in India. In the rava uttapam recipe i share how to make make rava uttapam and mini rava uttapam. These rava uttapam can be prepared instantaneously and are very delicious. This rava uttapam recipe is in hindi. Instant rava uttapam recipe has lot of vegetables which make the instant uttapam very healthy breakfast.

Ingredients Of Rava Uttapam Recipe
Suji (1 Cup)
Curd (1 Cup)
Tomato (1)
Onion (1)
Peas (1/2 Cup)
Capsicum (1)
Kashmiri Lal Mirch (1/4 tsp)
Black Pepper (1/4 tsp)
Green Chilli (1)
Fresh Coriander
Ginger (2 inch)


  1. Nidhi Singh says

    Angrejo ne copy kia uttapam ka pizza nam de kr 😏😏 Indian food are best hence again proved

  2. Sheena KS says

    Yessss I tried it and it was just amazing ….and my mom and dad were fighting for it 😂😂 😍😍😍😍

  3. Rashmj Shukla says

    Indeed it was a quick, healthy n yummy recipe… I have tried it already… Jst a little suggestion… Cutting of vegetables specially onion, a night before is not that good from health point of you.. I don't think.. Chopping of tomato or onion.. Or capsicum doesn't take much time.. When we ready our batter and leave it to prepare for 10 mins.. Meanwhile we can easily chop the veggies…

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  5. Aroo Boss says

    You talk too much

  6. Shalini Mishra says

    Lovely recipe. But please please dont use non stick pans. Causes cancer.

  7. Julie Chambers says

    Can I make a gluten free version?

  8. Roshkakrad Pat says

    this pan try harmful for health

  9. toqeer basheer says

    Ya boht ache ha

  10. toqeer basheer says

    Potato chips recipe batyan

  11. Crazy Ayushvi Tips says

    mam aapne kon sa oil use kiya hai

  12. Preetid Cool says

    Mam uttapam mera fev h but ye chipak jata h jb ki tava nonsticky h.flam kitna rkhy

  13. Kavi Kat says

    Where r u? No video from so so long

  14. vishal sharma says

    Wow madam very nice
    I wanna marry with you

  15. Sarita Pandey says

    Uttapm ko maine banaya.very testy mam.thanks

  16. Rana Tabassum says

    Aapka kitchen bahut achha h

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  18. Suman Nagar says

    Wow yummy.

  19. Ravina K Parmar says

    very nice

  20. seema quasim says

    👍❤ye to ap ne pizza bana diya ha❤❤👍👌👌👌

  21. DMG VINES desi cHorE says

    very nice mam your recipe is very yummy 😋

  22. Shivam Sharma says

    nice mem

  23. Tanu Madan says

    its not healthy pyaaz kbhi bhi kaat kar nh rkhne chaiye rasayanil paribartan hote hai..

  24. Tanu Madan says

    bhott oily hai bkwaaas📯😂

  25. Himani Mehta says

    Please choclate ki recipe share kijiye na

  26. Himani Mehta says

    Hello mam

  27. mamina biswal says

    Khata ya mitha

  28. mamina biswal says

    Ki dahi

  29. Mamta Ojha says

    Nice recipe mam

  30. vacationboyvideos says

    Please help!
    I had something that was like rava dosa but thicker and had lots of little holes in it just like a sponge! It soaked up the sambar (also came with chutneys I thank) anyways it kinda looked like a rava Dosa! Brownish to light brown and was pliable but not 2 Sticky or wet. It also was not as see threw as a rava dosa! But I say it was thicker but not too thick. It was small /med some round and folded over. I don't know what it was? Can u help me?

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