Prank Calling An Indian Phone Scammer

PND messes with an Indian phone scammer who is trying to charge 499 dollar for each print out of MATLOCK to hang on his wall.

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  1. Real Life Arcade says

    Dude this was funny as shit. When did he realize you was fuckin with him? After he couldn’t type your credit card number?

  2. Qasim Ali says

    Who called me – 01953523620?  Just for the record,  I received a telephone call on the landline,  at 11:01 on the 8th November 2018. The caller introduced himself as a member of ‘Benefits UK’ and then he asked me probing questions. I retorted ‘ What do you want?'  and repeated 'What do you want?' Anyway, to cut a long story, he wanted to know if I use a laptop computer, but I told him to mind his own business. Afterwards, he put the phone down and I googled ‘Benefits UK.’ You never guess what? 'Benefits UK' are scammers, so my instincts were right all along. In fact, 259 households have made a complaint about Benefits UK on the website [Source : (,02083417929)]. Here are few examples of Benefits UK's modus operandi:

    22 hours ago

    Keep ringing me asking for my details. I will give a nasty reply as it keeps happening. Indian voice and will not say who they are. Looked them up on here and found out. cannot block as they use differing numbers. They are bound to get somebody every time as there are too many vulnerable peole that will believe the scam.


    Benefits UK call on a daily basis and threaten they will not stop calling until they get the information they want. That being your bank account details


    benefits united kingdom called today 3rd call in a week report it here


    Called everyday for two weeks. Told them to stop calling got sworn at and hung up.


    Benefits UK rang today from 02083 097260. Just the 4 calls this week, so far. My tactic today was to just keep asking them why they keep ringing. I answer no questions and keep repeating my question. I eventually went into silence mode and could then after a few seconds hear a confused cold caller saying "hello", big pause, then another "hello" and eventually he hung up. It might seem frivolous of me but it took 2 minutes 4 secs of his time that he wasn't mithering anyone else. I think of myself as a public servant ! Feel free to copy my tactic, but remember don't get annoyed and answer no questions. Next caller will be asked to "wait a moment" whilst "I finish with someone at the door". That will be some wait !

  3. DialM4 Masala says

    wheres this scammers dick? with his arms or with his legs?

  4. Syruptz says

    oof 🤣

  5. Sasqki - osu! says

    sup nice vid keep it up

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