Palm Phone is habit-changing that’s why reviewers got it so WRONG

Palm phone from Verizon. So what Palm reviewers got SO wrong so its purpose and functionality. The Palm Phone is a companion phone that is aimed to cure us – a digital detox if you will. It uses Shared Number Verizon service to be paired to your existing Verison line. It is tiny at 3.8 inches, light, has a 12MP pixel, and runs Android 8.1. But is it yet another gadgets or is it a real-phone that is actually useful.
So what did the other Palm Phone reviewers miss?
In this tech reviews, I explore 5 myths about the Palm phone from Verizon that reviewers missed or completely missed the point on when talking about the Palm Phone in 2018.

More info about the Palm companion phone from Verizon:



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  1. Palm says

    Thanks for your review Liron! You hit on a lot of points that are super key to us. 🙌

  2. Gigi mary says

    Can both phones be used at one time.

  3. TheClassic Gents says

    Hi there Liron,we've spoken yesterday on the channel audit,I know you are a busy guy but I was wondering if you could visit me in the future and tell me how things look in regards to titles …You da best man!
    I feel like I understand more but I still feel like I'm only half way there to fully understanding everything

  4. John James says

    If I am going out for a night on the town I don’t want to take my note 9 with me, I want a little phone to make calls, this sounds ideal

  5. Go Cell Phone Repair says

    Most reviewers seem to have one of two reactions these days. “Here’s why this phone will never be as good as the current Apple/Samsung flagship phone.” Nice to see something different once in a while and this would be a great way around switching my SIM card from one phone to another on the weekends. Too bad it’s only on Verizon. Great video Liron.

  6. Dan Dolar says

    Well done, mate! Liked and subbed!

  7. SimpLee Beth says

    I want one!

  8. Liron Segev says

    Do you think we a digital detox or is this just the new world we live in? Let me know!

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