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Mystery of Annora Petrova in Hindi | Creepy Story in Hindi | Must Watch


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यह सभी वीडियो ऑटो पब्लिश है वेबसाइट का उद्देश्य सिर्फ वीडियो प्रमोशन का है सभी कॉपीराइट यूट्यूब यूजर के है

  1. Arpit Sharma says

    Sach to ye hai, ki sab jhut hai

  2. Voice Of Nation says

    Mere Naam Pe Ek Actress hain,Sarch bhi Kiya hain Maine,Usse dikhaya jata hain😂

  3. Soni Kumari says

    Aisa nhi hota hai

  4. Harsh Soni says


  5. ajay factors says

    Bhai mujhe nahi mila google meh yaar

  6. Gargi Mondal says

    Wow nice story 👌

  7. Naveen Soni says

    Kis Kis ne apna naam search 🔎 Kiya

  8. Mishtarechords pvt. says

    When The Video Ended I Popped The Subscribe Button N Liked!!
    When I Saw "This is NOT a real story"..Unsubscribed.Disliked 😉

  9. Prothama Sengupta says

    Maybe her life is completely control by psychic person and that bad psychic ruin her life and everything 😢😭 that’s why I ignore astrologer only like tarot cards 😊

  10. roster boy says

    Ye admi hum logo Ko bewakuf bana Raha hai

  11. Aniruddha Deb says

    Friend request movie jaysa hey

  12. Kartoos Abbasi says

    jhoti story internet pa galat news na phalao koi page nai ha wiki pais name ka

  13. Anil Saxena says

    Bull shit


    Ye original nhi lagti hai story

  15. best funny day says

    Is it reall

  16. Unknown Hero says

    Who is trying to search own name ?

  17. Sulekha Phukan says



    Waw what a story ,,who wrote it

  19. Karamjeet Kaur says

    Who was operating the page… Its shocking

  20. Chandrakant Nahak says

    Google Baba ne bichari ko mardala 🙄🙄🙄

  21. Megha Uniyal says

    Kitna pridict phele hi time waste kyu karte ho logo ka

  22. stlin patel says

    Yes it is true

  23. तेरा बाप says

    Kahase uthai bhai ye kalpanik kahani

  24. download movies with waris says

    Aise hi real story mere sath bhh hui hai..

  25. Kalyan Dutta says

    I m already in Google ,search me as Soumik macha dutta

  26. Sanjay Gandhi says

    You told lie this story is not on webpage of creepypasta

  27. Harsh Tyagi says

    This is NOT a real story


    but when i saw your video for sometimes i fell that it was a real story

  29. naveen thalor says

    M hu jaat

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