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  1. Shubam Tandel says

    Why does it seem ur only sponsoring these stuffs now?

  2. Neo Nieo says

    Hey I just checked this video, quality content, I'm going to order a case plus adapter and lens, just need a quick suggestion, I only take pictures on my phone and no videos, so Im thinking to buy the smaller lens, Is there any difference between the smaller and 4k wide video lens in respect to photos?

  3. Bipin Philip says

    Quality content..

  4. FrikiTecnico says

    pure dopeness.

  5. This is Vibots says

    This channel is extremely underrated….one of my inspirations.

  6. Ganesh K says

    Good work Parth!

  7. Naveen Dewangan says

    Great shots as well as visuals.❤️

  8. Tech Advised says

    Nice video much appreciate your work!

  9. prateek gupta says

    You reviewed the xr and I bought it today.
    Really good device.
    Thanks parth.

  10. Tech Crack says

    Great video Parth.

  11. NITIN REVIEW'S says

    U deserve more subs

  12. Manvendra Singh says

    Please review oneplus 6t

  13. Rahul Kumar Sahoo says

    Bro make a video on cinamtic video idea

  14. Pro music Production says

    Great video loved it

  15. Peddi Yuvaraj says

    Luv your voice

  16. prateek gupta says

    Watching on my XR. 😂

  17. Ralph Dias says

    dude, you're videos are so well shot and edited!

  18. Arunava says


  19. Rohan Khatri says

    Wide angle shots were soo crisp

  20. Anshul Singh says

    there are 2 options
    4k HD wide + micro
    wide + macro

    what that means ? 4k hd wide for video recording ?

    i shoot a lot of photos than video which one should i buy ?

  21. sujal patel says

    great video parth..wide lens shots are awesome …


    Omg. then what can I do with my iPhone 6s if this is also not supported

  23. Anshul Singh says

    this lens can fit on my one plus 6 ?

  24. Nikhil Sanap says

    Great video quality

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