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KTM Duke 125 ABS India First Ride Review Braking Test #Bikes@Dinos


My detailed KTM Duke 125 ABS First Ride Review including braking test and exhaust note. Video features me giving a detailed overview of the bike, my …

यह सभी वीडियो ऑटो पब्लिश है वेबसाइट का उद्देश्य सिर्फ वीडियो प्रमोशन का है सभी कॉपीराइट यूट्यूब यूजर के है

  1. FG chennal says

    I ♥️Duke 125 next year but for 2020

  2. achintya shantanu says

    Thoughts on rc 125?

  3. Phupu Bhutia says

    Bro how much money we have to pay if we want to buy duke.200 abs in installment
    ..and how much total it will coast plz tell me…

  4. Muzfar Dar says

    What is ur height

  5. MöÑsTêR SoUmEn says

    I really love your reviews

  6. jaggi shwetha says

    Worst bike & worst review

  7. Lusa boro says

    Nice bg

  8. Na Win says

    Is Duke 125 is good for touring???

  9. Devanand Ranam says

    I am totally new beginner and just started learning Motorcycle . so I am really confused between new FZS Fi V3 or KTM 125. So accordingly to you which bike is more safety wise very good on road ? Could you please help me in this?

  10. Rohit Bhardwaj says

    in terms of height which is short ktm 125 or 200

  11. DDR CREW says

    Ranchi me on road price kitna hai

  12. Adarsh Jadhav says

    3:03 What a joke? Beating thanos….

  13. chandan Mehra says

    for touring ?

  14. ishubhamkahite says

    Which colour is best in ktm duke 125 white or orenge

  15. alan prasanna says

    KTM in other countries going up reached 1290 cc (super Duke)… In India going down finally reached 125 cc… 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Dizzy says

    How tall are you? I'm 189-191cm, do you think i'm way too tall for this bike or would i be able to ride it?

  17. Lex Luthor says

    I can smell professional sales man here

  18. Ansar Pathan says

    Does this has asliper clutch

  19. Eduardo Pedreira says

    I'm 1.86 tall and I'm very tall for the ktm 125 duke?

  20. Ayyanar Murugan says

    It is fit for 5'3" biker

  21. Manowharan Ad says

    When will rc 125 launch in India?

  22. Dipesh Rana Fitness says

    what is tbe gear shift pattern in it ?

  23. Vineet Pattam says

    When is ktm rc125 releasing in india

  24. @Dino's Vault have you managed to get your hand at Yamaha MT-15 yet ?

  25. Pes 2018 says

    Duke 125 is best

  26. sameer Zack says

    Abe hindi me bolna

  27. Subra Mani says

    Will Apache RTR 160 discontinued from April???

  28. chandan Mehra says

    Duke 125 good for touring ???

  29. Ben Imc says

    Sir, I live in hilly area and the roads are very bad . M really confused which bike to buy . My budget is 1 lakh . Pls help . Thanks .

  30. Bk Ahir says

    What's Minimum & Maximum Milage Can Give This Bike On Economy Speed

  31. Indian Voiceover says

    my friend's honda shine can do 115kmph easily. like super easy.

  32. RAHUL MANE says

    Vo sub Janedo apne konsa camera used kia h iss video kliye vo batao

  33. dhanush kid says

    Actually my aprilla Sr 150 has better top speed than it, and its price is very low than ktm125

  34. Ravi Dhingra says

    Hi please let us know how will it stack against Yamaha 250 . Same price on road . Thanks

  35. Solar Roller says

    Amazing review!
    Beautiful word play 🙂
    Can't wait to get the bike
    You da man bro B)

  36. Vishwa G says

    Waiting for it super bike bro

  37. Rushivanth .M says

    When the new Duke 125 come to Tamilnadu or it is in the Tamilnadu

  38. #Nasir #Ahsan says

    Hi Dino the your all reviews are cliff on other vloger i Suggest you that text or caption mention on video like price ,specifications.

  39. aloke saha says

    I mean, that the seat height can be reduced pls tell me sir

  40. Aayush Parmar says

    No bike can escape Dino's Vault!

  41. mj PLUTO PLUTO says


  42. Rabin Marandi says

    Sir kya duke 125 me duke390 ka head lag sakta hai

  43. Gopalakrishnan Kk says

    KTM Duke 200 Vs KTM Duke 125..

    My use case would largely be in the city and I am by no means a racer.. but the performance of the 200 excites me… Which one would be a better pick?

  44. Abhinav Salla says

    duke 125 is overpriced at 1.18 lakhs we can get an fz25, which offers similar performance as duke 200

  45. Aburva Elamburanan says

    Happy new yr bro stay healthy ! U r the legendary reviewer 🥰 do u know what made you the legend # u hadn't promoted any worst machine in market yes u reviewed them but hadn't recommended for ur fellow followers #even people with 0 knowledge about bikes could easily understand ur reviews & could learn abt them #i personally felt in every review that u r very concerned about ur followers not to invest their 💰 in worst machines.. these things can't be done only by the passion on bikes but also in deep u loved to help the people who trust in ur words 😎🏍️🎼🥳 .

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