Indian Lesbian Couples Yoga Challenge | #DHARTI

OMG this video was so much fun to shoot. Indian Lesbian Couples Yoga Challenge was something we wanted to try since so long. Shubh and I now know where do we stand in the fitness world 😛

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Niche ab kuch nahi hai dekhne ko upar video dekho, Dhanyawaad 🙂

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  1. DHARTI says

    Hey guys thank you so much for watching my videos, I hope you really enjoyed this one 😘 Love you all ♥️🙏

  2. Heart Queen says

    Aap dono sath m bhot Sweet or cute couple lgte ho.❣️ ek Guzarish h apse agr ho ske to Apni love story pr ek video bnana.
    India m bhot km ladkia hn jo dunia valo k samne society k samne openly bol pati hn “Yes I am a Lesbian” To apko dekhti hu lgta h ladkia ab himmt krne lgi hn. Aap dono ki aane vali life k liye All the best or ek Question h aap dono s ho ske to dono answer krna. Question ye h k Esa kon moment hai aap dono ki life ka jise aap ek bar or jina chahoge???

  3. Nightcore_Addicted says

    Your channel is really unique given that there's no other Indian lesbian couple posting vids on YT as a unit. Besides, you can go deep with your conversations and you trade through different topics from various angles. You both make a very healthy couple and are obviouly the representators of a large part of Indian LGBT+ community in shadow. Your contents are fresh and very fit for people of any age group to shuffle through.
    This challenge was hilariously good. You both rock, not everyone would be courageous enough sharing with the world how unfit they are.
    Btw, if possible can you both do Q&A sessions or some Would You Rather challenges? It could be fun.

  4. Beauty products reviewer says

    Ooops😅you both adorable😬😥

  5. Dhiraj Phooljhadia says

    Wow so amazing!!..never ever thought that this..kind of "couple yoga" exists…yoga with Entertaining and health beneficial.. Dharti I think you should loose some weight 🙂..your partner is…. 🙂👌

  6. Crazy Funny says


  7. Halla SanAiysha says

    Woooow. Great mastttt session tha aaj pata chala yuga me ager fun ho to koi bhi kar saktha hai. Hv healthy life guys

  8. Pratyush Verma says

    Maaza aa gya 😂 it was worth the wait 💁🏻‍♂️💕

  9. Roshini Singh says

    I have a request for you can you please shoot a day with us like you and with shubhalaxmi

  10. Aisa Farnando says

    Very nice… But so funn… Maja agaya😂

  11. Rubisco Talks says

    Haha…enjoyed it!

  12. Mehak Mehta says

    Hahahah, the most realistic yoga challenge on YouTube!

  13. Roshini Singh says

    I love you guys actually I have question for both of you when will you get merried to shubhalaxmi

  14. TheMissanimator says

    Hahahaha oh my dog i am laughing badly

  15. N SR says

    That's why i like your videos…coz u have all kind of stuffs trying out in your videos….nd it's so adorable to watch you…even if U're vlogging😂
    Lots of luv😘

  16. Roshini Singh says

    Hay guys don't feel low ever in your life because we live in a very Hippocratic sucity

  17. Samskriti 24 says

    Dharti well tried 🤣🤣😂😂😅
    Shubh awesome 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😁

  18. shubh patil says


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