IMP info Blis-Sing=Bhakti,200 Watchers=7Ending,Saints U can Be.

Notice the fallen watchers were called fiery serpents= seraphs.
Also explaining about the heavens consist of your ancestors .Who The gods and the saints ?N how this may turn out behind fallen watchers who used particle disintegration weapons on ancestral abodes.N who in what is God.N singing in sound is how you connect to God and heal and Balance this duality world.

So with karma yoga it’s like this what your life circumstances allow you to do for others do it joyfully .Freely giving your time r service.God is a happy God this why you have music song and dance.India loves festivals ,even classical music is superb.

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  1. Jean McLaughlin says

    Wow Jodi, this is very deep and very genuinely, emotionally, heart felt. I will have to listen to this again and again to understand completely. But I feel you are speaking profound wisdom here, it resonates in my spirit.
    Peace be onto you, dear one, and thank you…I am grateful for the "Gift of You".

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