Success isn’t built on ideas alone. The journey from idea to action requires several specific steps, and then additional steps are required to turn action into success. Marie Forleo joins Kim to share how she guides people everyday to go from good idea to successful business.


  1. Rafa Dominguez says

    Spirit lifter episode: Engage and embrace the pitfalls!

  2. HeroicBrutality says

    tl;dw: just do it, try. you’ll fail here and there but don’t worry about getting it right perfectly. just take the leap even if you’re unsure.

  3. Naky Steah says

    Great Advice!

  4. BloomingAnyway TV says

    Such good stuff! Thank you so much for this awesome content!! 🥰

  5. Anubhab Biswas says

    Where is Robert?

  6. Brad Ingram says

    HOW TO TURN AN IDEA INTO A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS…. Just Figure it out, and do it…..That's helpful…

  7. Tone Mott Gym Box says

    I need to turn my YouTube channel into a success…😀😀😀😀 ASAP!!!!!

  8. Ed Rey says

    Kim is great! Don't get me wrong, I like Robert, but he could get a bit redundant with some subjects. A fresh take on things is the way to go.

  9. Justin Don 楽 says

    hey robert your my business hero & I'm gonna write a lyric about you and put it in my next song

  10. SPECTRUM says

    Many people call Robert a scammer. But when your financial IQ is zero, the book (Rich Dad Poor Dad) is perfect. I even did a summary about Roberts most successful book.

  11. brown stallion says

    We need more seminars near the ft.smith and fayetteville, arkansas area…….

  12. NoFace Preme says

    Robert Kiyosaki is my number one motivations out side God and my wife and children. But i just want to say to all his haters is keep hating. It just makes him greater and motivates me even more to keep pushing forward. His books made give up that poor mans mentality. I went towards my dreams and even started a youtube channel to push my music which is what love. please check out my channel and subscribe and comment on what you think. thank s to rich dad channel

  13. M M says

    For me the problem is coming up with the idea

  14. Bruce Downunda says

    The book title is misleading, actually downright (((deception)))

  15. Abdihakim keinan says

    Here it's here again. Inspire Robert🔥❤️👊

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