Falak – Hindi Full Movie – Rakhee Gulzar, Jackie Shroff – Bollywood Movie

Two partners namely, Murlidhar and Narang, betray their third partner and take over his business. Ramnath works as a watchman in this organization, and he sees illegal business taking place, and attempts to put a stop to this, leaving behind a widow and two sons to fend for themselves. The police classify this death as an accident and closes the case. Years later, the two sons have grown up and remember the death of their dad and the humiliation suffered at the hands of the new owners. They devise a plan to avenge this, and find that the owners have friends in the police force, as well as politicians, who will leave no stone unturned to protect both Narang and Murlidhar.

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  1. Sonia Rajput says

    Hart teaching movie…..

  2. Rajesh Kumar Varma says


  3. Shawkat Shah says

    Main ne pocha pehla pather muj pe koun outhaye ga

    Aaii aik awaz ki jo Tera mohsen kehlaye gaa

  4. design Basket says

    Zabardust script thi is film ki. Great salim saab

  5. omid haqshenas says

    such a brilliant pic4

  6. Naser Hussain says

    Is ka writer hai saleem khan jis ne sholay banai hai

  7. TheJessy8888 says

    he would have gone to jail either way, he just killed 4 or 5 security guards, at least he would still be alive and she can visit him… well, nice movie though.

  8. Mushtak darvesh says


  9. Sayed Ashraf says

    nice movie eh jacky shorf ki un achi movie me se ek hai very nice

  10. amitpune1 says

    who has done the opening narration ?

  11. nihar sahoo says


  12. Ifran Khan says

    aj kal esi Supr movie nahi banti

  13. Ifran Khan says

    jagu Dada Supr hero

  14. Ifran Khan says

    buhat hi zabrdst movie

  15. ali armaan says

    its very slow movie but nice movie jaggu dada look so serious and his act well and i see shekar kapoor 1st time on any movie his do super and rakhi ji always is best

  16. Fathima Aktar says


  17. SB says

    Vre good jackie u r the bast

  18. qualquan says

    2 STARS

  19. 0596879056 786786 says

    Filak video

  20. nilesh badgi says

    to many ads

  21. Shemaroo Movies says

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