Date with Saie – Review | Sai Tamhankar | Rohit Kokate | Zee5 (Hindi Review)

Date with Saie is a ZEE5 Original starring Sai Tamhankar. The story revolves around a popular actress who is stalked by a maniac fan, who places cameras to track her every move and make a film on her life. What happens when Saie discovers about the cameras and the crazy fan posing a threat to her private life.

Director- Dnyanesh Zoting
Starring- Sai Tamhankar, Rohit Kokate
Producer- Zee5

Streaming on Zee5 online platform.

Review brought to you by #Moviengineers
Reviewer- Pavan Gangawane
Content- Pavan Gangawane, Akshay Shelar
Edit- Kaustubh Bhonge

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