Anupama Chopra’s Movie Review of Kedarnath | Abhishek Kapoor | Sushant Singh Rajput | Sara Ali Khan

Kedarnath is a film about the power of faith – faith in God, in love, in the goodness of human beings. The lead characters demanded commitment – physical and emotional – and both actors step up to the plate.

Their romance reminded me of all those films in which rich girls fall hard for boys who are beneath their status. It’s old school and so is this film, which eventually becomes a hurdle. Kedarnath feels like it belongs to an earlier decade.

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  1. Ujjwal Gaur says

    KEDARNATH ko titanic se compare Kar Diya 🙄😂😂😂

  2. no says

    After first 30 sec i thought i was in English class

  3. Guru Paaji says

    I bet interval k baad aap 1 second k liye bore nahi honge…awsome tight story at 2nd half

  4. awadesh Panchuri says

    Tum jaise hindu without knowledge but speaking in english doesnt mean u have right to know about our tradition and taking our pride name kedarnath ji

  5. awadesh Panchuri says

    Kedarnath mein kaun marra kya hua koi ni janta movie

  6. awadesh Panchuri says

    Jisse yeh movie lagri to plz uttrakhand mat aao kabhi

  7. awadesh Panchuri says

    Chutiya ho sab hindu jo movie dekh re kedar nath pashupati nath ji ke baad kedarnathji atey hein katwey ki auquat ni garhwal mein khud waahan ka hun

  8. Nishant Sings says

    U r a big nonsense critic

  9. EatTreat says

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  10. 1 says

    Bakwaas movie he yar. Paisa waste.

  11. 1 says

    Worst movie that I have watched

  12. Hitesh Mali says

    Intersting story 😯

  13. manoj prasad says

    Bahut hi bakwaas pawitra sthaan hai kedarnaath ….wahaan ke har kan me shiv ka vaas hai khair Bandar kya Jane adrak ka swaad inko to kedarnaath me bhi romance dikhtaa hai

  14. Dreamer reet says

    who read the comments instead of watching video😂😂😂

  15. Amit Singh says


  16. shweta upadhyay says

    Very bad subtitles

  17. Ajay Mittal says

    Such a pity, that we are not giving Sushant Singh Rajput the due!! He was the pillar of Kedarnath and beautifully underplayed his role. And this review sounded sold out, it didn't come across as authentic!

  18. Sangam Vishwakarma says

    Tum sab English k chude hue ho kya.
    Hindi nahi aati hai kya

  19. Srajal Rai says

    Hr baar muslim ldka hi kyu hota hai… Muslim girl or Hindu ldka kyu ni😠

  20. Silent Love says

    This review is itself 1*
    High school English for old school love🤣🤣

  21. rao1556 says


  22. Mahii 30 Sec. WahtsApp Status says

    Osmmmmm video

  23. raja Kumar says

    Tum to bas high level english me chutiya banao anupama chopda aur film ka promotion karwao

  24. Antara Sood says

    A movie review should be given in a way which is understandable to everyone. It should not full of jargons that one has to sot with oxford dictionary in hand. We as an audience are here to listen about the movie not about how well you can speak English. Kindly pay attention to that you are giving reviews to audience not writing a literature review on Hardy.

  25. ABCD says

    it was a D company (pakistan) funded sponsered movie just like PK (PaKistan)

  26. manojmishra19 says

    बहुत घटिया फिल्म लगी।। पैसे की बर्बादी। 0.5 star..

  27. Cyber Cyborg says

    Wonder why its always a Hindu girl and a muslim boy in these "Broad minded love stories".
    Oh right, they don't wanna be bombed by the peacefuls 😂

  28. uma nistala says

    Clap clap 👏 👏 meme review

  29. Hda Destroyers says

    Paid review

    Tatti film ko titanic se compare
    Give me a break!!

  30. umesh yadav says

    or tu b chutiya

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