Accidental Prime Minister: Unbiased & Honest Movie Review

What did you think of the movie?

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  1. Prasoon says

    Just watched it. It's an awesome movie just go for it. Don't believe on biased reviews like NDTV and times. You know they are in need of BURNOL. One of the best works of Anupam Kher.

  2. Sandeep Shenoy says

    To all loyal supporters of the family and cong, despite their 70 years rule. Why our streets so filthy? Why the infrastructure is poor? Why theres unemployment? Why we lag in sports? Why our economy was poor? Why we were ranked so low in sanitation? Why malnutrition? Why education system is poor?why we were ranked high in corruption index? Why no medical insurance for the poor atleast? Why?.. The list goes on and on.. Now don't say these started after 2014,😄

  3. Amrith Rathnam says

    I am reminded to acknowledge and appreciate the patience Mr.Manmohan Singh and the Congress family has shown in allowing this movie to happen. Cheers to all the Real Characters of the Movie on whom this is dramatized. Since Anupum Kher is a critic of Rahul, I hope to see a movie on PM Modi done by his critics…..that will be treat to the neutral audiences like me……Peace

  4. Sangita Banik says

    You are an liberal..

  5. Super Khan says

    Manmohan Singh is far far better than modi. Aur sala jo sochta hai ki people come into politics to only serve people they are very very naive.
    Sabko jeb bharni hai. Ye common rahega toh bharo bhai bikul bharo jeb apni lekin thodi development bhi kardo saath me. Which Manmohan did and Modi did not and I don't think he will, even if gets elected again in 2019.

  6. Sandeep Nayak says

    this shows ur propaganda

  7. Chiranjeev Saikia says

    JAMMYPANTS4 you rock. Sorry if I've ever condemned u. Because I definitely liked your opinion this time.

  8. Pritam Ghosh says

    Have u ever read the book??? If not I suggest u go and read the complete book, only then come to comment on "hidden agenda"

  9. Kean Dominique says

    Modi will eat dust this time

  10. Abhishek bhardwaj says

    Your review is extremely pathetic. I felt mixed tape of rotten communist critics shoved down my ass.

  11. muneera baig says

    Thanks for the honest review.

  12. alonebitts12 says

    sir plz do add subtitles .

  13. alonebitts12 says

    sir plz do add subtitles .

  14. Dante Ele says

    Real facts speak. Congress did shit work during their time, BJP is at least doing minute incremental developments. Also, no major terror attack or scam arose during their reign. The previous government was fueling these terror attacks. I think social media brainwashing is real. These political parties hires these guys for campaigning against parties by seeding the very thought of wrong information in the form of memes, videos etc. Witnessed it myself and was a victim of it too.

    To the people reading this, do not get swayed away by one person's opinion. Learn to opiniate facts, think and reason from both sides always. Don't always stick on one resource. Have multiple sources to fact-check every information you find on the internet. And get away from fucking Facebook.

  15. Marya Shaukat says

    If you are going to make a agenda film at least make a good one . It’s like a parody.
    Poor akshaye such a good actor going to waste.

  16. Shaswati Roy says

    Very nicely described. Thanks 😊

  17. Dr Sohini Chatterjee says

    How much did they pay you to say it’s not a smear campaign? Do you think we are fools? Unsubscribed your channel

  18. crazy adi says


  19. sagar jena says

    Beautiful girls French kissing in home

  20. sagar jena says

    Beautiful girls French kissing in home

  21. sagar jena says

    Beautiful girls French kissing in home

  22. sagar jena says

    Beautiful girls French kissing in home

  23. WMW says

    Producer wants movie to make money. Director wants box office success. Obviously movie is released at the right time to get max viewers. Salman Khan's Bajrangi Bhaijaan was released on Eid. Why ? Same reason this movie is released when Elections are nearing Simple logic. Speculating what it can be politically is just assumption without facts

  24. Kaustubh Cowshik says

    bjp uses their money to the very last cent to defame congress…

  25. Abhishek shrivastav says

    Veery de wedding , raazi , KGF , Kedarnath , Leftists Agenda Nahi Dikhta Tere KO

  26. Sanet Khandelwal says

    Watched it.Its boring,disgusting,no story telling.Directors seems pathetic as he had no vision while portraying the characters.One thing he did try to do good is to potray Nehru-Gandhi family as a villain.But failed here too. HE may become a Comedian director

  27. rahul ahuja says

    Gali gali m halla hai anupam kher modi ka dalla hai😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Why u have to say its an agenda…. We know its an agenda. But whatever they showed about the Gandhis is true. Maybe u have a softcorner for the donkey Rahul Gandhi.

  29. Tanoy Das says

    Ghanta movie

  30. Boss 8055 says

    Its 1000× better to read comics than watching bollywood movies

  31. ram mane says

    Here it is.. an Oscar for anupam🖕🖕🖕

  32. Himanshu chandra says

    It is not one sided point but internal observation. Movie is just based on book. There is nothing in this book which people with deep interest in politics didn't know about the over all scenario. Being insider prespective it bit more detailed.That's it.

  33. sports & NUTRITION talks says

    Worst movie money waste ki

  34. manav sharma says

    For people blindly blaming the movie for 'propaganda', they need to understand just one thing…
    The movie is STRICTLY based on the BOOK by Dr. Baru.
    If you want to blame anyone for the 'propaganda' then blame Baru if you want but not the movie makers as even the minutest details covered in the movie are exactly as mentioned in the book.
    Those who cannot, should go and see Sanjay Bari's interviews in 2014 on the book when the book released.
    Each and every moment of the movie is based on the book.

  35. Athar Nayab says

    Your plan is to go with the flow and just talk about what is trending and to justify it whether its right or wrong, unsubscribing your channel

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