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धरती के अंदर मिला विशाल समुद्र | पृथ्वी की गुप्त रहस्य | Unknown Secrets of earth | Rahasya

Earth is the main planet where people live. Earth from space-Earth is greenish blue in shading because of the daylight being reflected from the seas of Earth. The Earth does not should be gone to by a rocket to study it. More intriguing and interesting truths are being found about the Earth ordinary.

Earth is the only planet where humans live. Earth from space- Earth is greenish blue in color due to the sunlight being reflected from the oceans of Earth. The Earth does not need to be visited by a spacecraft to study it. More and more interesting and fascinating facts are being discovered about the Earth everyday.

Planet Earth : Facts and Information

Gravity changes over the surface of the Earth — so weight watchers might need to stay away from the posts, where you weigh 0.5 percent more than at the equator. This gravity difference is to a great extent because of that central lump making non-uniform separations from focuses on the planet’s surface to focal point of the Earth, and to the way that the Earth turns.

The Earth is not an immaculate circle. It’s really an oblate spheroid, because of an a slight central lump (the distinction between the tropical and polar widths).


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    this science journal said that a large water source is available inside deep mantle.

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    My dear friend thanks for the vedio. The EARTH is round like a ball . And there is no water in the center, only hot magma , should be hot Iron . Please do some more research and make a new VEDIO.

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    अमा यार core में solid iron है ये क्या बकचोदी पोस्ट किया गया है

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    I am a earth science research scholar , and I very well know, lot of telly seismic survey have been done by different country and resulted that it is very solid material formed by iron and nickel mainly, and you making fool to common peoples.

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